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Automatic Rotary PVC/TPR Sole & Shoe Direct Injection Molding Machine
TK-830 Series are specialized in the manufacture of various kinds of single color soles, slipper, sandals, short boots, air blowing shoes…etc.1. Pressure control is with proportional system. Injection pressure and holding pressure can be set up individually station by station according the complicacy of each design, in order to reach the optimal quality of injected parts.2. The hydraulic system of each unit is with individual control system. Pressure is precise and working speed is fast to reach high production and consistent quality.3. Machine is controlled by touch-screen humain machine interface. It is easy to learn and set up is fast.4. Open-space design of C-type structure will be more convenient to shorten maintenance time.5. This model is suitable for various kinds of thermoplastic material, foaming or non-foaming, such as PVC, TPR...etc.6. Easy intervention of the opertor, thanks to the 300 mm opening stroke.7. Equipped with high-level potentiometer for precision injection volume control to increase parts quality.
Rotary one/two color plastic shoe direct injection molding machine
1. Computerization in analysis and design, the machine is well in stability.2. Conformed to human engineering in design, it features operational compatibility.3. The well-interconnected oil circuit by electric control can reduce waiting time, quicken production rate, and promote productivity.4. The reversible turntable in case of emergency will eliminate abnormality and upkeep safety operations.5. Number of various stations may be optionally chosen for small quantity but greater in variety, or mass production.6. The devised C-shaped structure that strengthens cooling system suits particularly the need for reinforced cooling effect (TK-980C series)7. It could be equipped with air blowing system and can produce light weight, particularly the need for reinforced cooling effect.8. Specialized in producing one & two color outsoles, slippers, sandals and boots. It is particularly effective to the making of all-plastic sport shoe, and leisure shoes etc.9.Suitable for all kinds of thermoplastic raw materials, foaming or non-foaming, such as PVC and TPR.
Automatic Rubber Injection Molding Machine
1. FIFO desing with inline plasticizing screw and injection piston, low material resident time and easy for different material and color change.2. FIFO unit allows to handle terminally sensitive material and it can achieve precise shots with an excellent injection speed.3. Various molding parameters, such as pressure, speed, time, position and temperature are all screen displayed for easy control of optimum molding conditions. The self displayed on the screen provides for convenient maintenance and ensures normal operations at all times.4. The sliding mold is convenient for parts inserting and parts removal.5. Product ejecting device gives more conveninet operations and increases production efficiency.

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Tien Kang Co., Ltd. , founded in 1982 with headquarter located in Taiwan, has been researching and developing from manufacturing footwear machines as well rubber machines for industrial application. Tien Kang is striving toward larger business scope to provide customers diversified machine designs, perfect production quality with the best and fast service.
In December 2011, the new office building of Tien Kang in Taiwan is completed. The whole building was built with a special architecture technique “Exposed Concrete”. From the very beginning to the end, performing every detail meticulously with highest concentration is the essence of “Exposed Concrete” architecture. Such essence also responses to the work attitude of “persistence with focus” in the mind of Tien Kang team.